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Project Rainforest was started by Bruce Segal in 1991, as the educational arm of the Delaware Valley Rainforest Action Group (DVRAG). Project Rainforest is now a separate company, while the Rainforest Action Group, a non-profit organization also founded by Bruce Segal, continues its work dedicated to providing education about rainforests and managing conservation projects to pre serve the rainforests of Central America. Bruce Photo 1
Anti-Bullying School Assembly Video
11/15/10 Bruce Segal demonstrates techniques to respond to name-calling at Whitehall Elementary School in Allentown, PA with teacher Frank Holmes



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Our Director Bruce Segal has traveled extensively throughout the rainforests of the Caribbean and Central America. Over the last school year, together with two other staff members, Project Rainforest has appeared at over 200 schools, reaching over 100,000 students.


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